DanioScope is a non-invasive video analysis tool to investigate zebrafish embryo and larva parameters.

Why use it?

  • All-in-one tool for zebrafish embryos and larvae: activity, heartbeat, flow, and morphology
  • Video based: non-invasive
  • Complete solution with microscope available
  • Easy and intuitive software, no specific training
  • Cost-effective solution that is suitable for high-throughput research

Embryo activity

How does it work?

Based on video files of zebrafish embryos and/or larvae (individuals or groups) DanioScope measures parameters in several categories:

  • Activity
  • Cardiology
  • Flow

Images can be used to measure morphological parameters. 


Who uses it?

DanioScope is originally designed for toxicological and pharmacological studies, but it can be used by anyone interested in measuring activity- and morphology-related parameters in zebrafish embryos and larvae. Because it is cost-effective and requires no specific training, it is accessible software for anyone.

Zebrafish larvae heartbeat